METRO – 'Own Business' Girls. Nearly half of women want to start a company. Just 12 percent think they ever will. The biggest thing stopping them? Lack of financial support.*

On International Women ́s Day 2018 we wanted to inspire the next generation of female business owners. This is why every baby girl born in Dusseldorf that day received their first business card. The business card is far more than just a piece of paper: It is the ticket to a deposit worth 2.000 Euro, enough to start a first business adventure. The money will become accessible to the girls on their 18th birthday. 

*These findings come from Dusseldorf, Germany-based Metro’s International Own Business Study, which surveyed 10,000 people in 10 countries.

Role: Art Director
Copywriter: Manuela Rondon & Julius Schneider
Senior Copywriter: Vera Karpova
Senior Motion Designer: Dennis Fritz
Creative Director: Jakob Rheinlaender  & Hugo Gstrein
Executive Creative Director: Leif Johannsen & Patrick Matthiensen

Category: Advertising
Year: 2018
Client: METRO AG
Agency: Serviceplan Hamburg
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

2019 – BoB – Best of Business to Business
Gold in Public Relations
Düsseldorf, Germany​​​​


Teaser phase


The yet still empty business cards.

The days before International Women ́s Day we started seeding posts and a teaser – featuring the data from the study.



We have welcomed Romi, Lilli, Sevgi and other eight #OwnBusinessGirls into the world with their first business card.



With help from the agency achtung!, “Own Business Girl” appeared in the press, on the radio, out of home and on social media. Dusseldorf hospitals and the Union of Midwives also helped to recruit newborn female business owners.